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About Me

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I am a first grade teacher who has rediscovered a love for firsties this year. I have taught pre-k, kindergarten, first grade and even second over the past 16 years. I have been married for 17 years to my wonderful husband and have been blessed with 2 very active boys.

Pre-K Back to School

Pre-K Back to School
Pre-K Back to School

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Pre-K/Kindergarten Literacy
Pre-K/Kindergarten Literacy

Pre-K/Kindergarten Literacy

Pre-K/Kindergarten Literacy
Pre-K/Kindergarten Literacy

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Phonics Games
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Five for Friday & Daily 5

This week has been all about establishing routines.  I am linking up with Kasey over at Doodlebugs Teaching with Five for Friday.


This was our first week jumping into our new reading program, Wonders.  I am working hard to teach the skills introduced in Wonders as well as introducing the Daily 5 and its components.

Here are a few of our favorite Daily 5 activities from the week.

Read to Self:  We made is to ten minutes successfully this week!  I am so proud of my firsties for reading leveled books in their book boxes.  The book boxes are from an old math series and fir perfectly in their desks:)

Word Word:  Stamping, letter tiles, rainbow spelling, scented markers  and dry erase were introduced this week at word work.  I used the spelling chart from my Wonders Supplemental Unit 1 for a reference at this center.

Read to Partner: The kids used this week to review kindergarten sight words.  The kids loved this game. (Kindergarten Sight Word Review FREEBIE) This is great to use as you work through kindergarten or as a review in first grade.  In addition to reading books to their partner, I also include Fry Words, fluency passages, poetry notebook, reading book assignment and fluency phrases.

Work on Writing:  We worked on writing about school this week.  For some reason, no pictures were snapped.  We are also using the Six Traits of Writing this year with Wonders and I am integrated this into the Daily 5 time.  I will be posting more about this.

Tonight my husband took my son to his first high school football game.  My son is in middle school and came home saying "Everyone is going!" and the really cool part is it is the same high school my husband played football at and graduated from!

I said to my younger son, "Someday you could have a teacher that daddy had!" and he replied, "I don't think so.  They are all dead!"

Don't forget to link up with my Wonders Supplemental Units 1-3 Giveaway!

Happy Friday!
Mrs. Wathen
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Reading Giveaway

Two weeks are almost under my belt and I am still treading water! We did just finish our first week in our new reading curriculum and testing is tomorrow.

Our county has adopted Wonders by McGraw-Hill and the tests have my firsties using a cold read on the first assessment!  We have worked REALLY hard on kindergarten sight word review over the past two weeks as well as our new sight words and spelling to boot!  Fingers crossed! I will keep you posted:)

I have also been behind the screens creating some Wonders Supplemental Units to keep me organized and ready to jump in!  My team and I have used them and love them.  Just print-laminate-cut and you are ready to go!

I am giving away a SET of my Wonders Supplemental Units including Unit 1, Unit 2 and Unit 3!  That will set you up and keep you going for HALF the school year! You can click on the Units above to check the previews out at TpT!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Just a reminder that each week has a reading and spelling game that works well in all first grade classes and even second grade!  That means there are 15 games in the giveaway that EVERYONE could use-regardless of your reading series!

I am working on Wonders Supplemental Unit 4 as we speak (or read as the case might be!).  I have had a few people ask when the rest would be up and running.  I am hoping the have them all completed by the end of September or sooner:)

Coming soon...

and good luck!

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Mrs. Wathen
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1st Week Back and {Five For Friday}

I had the BEST week ever!  I totally love my firsties and am so thankful for each and every one of them!  I am linking up today with Doodle Bugs Teaching with Five for Friday.


We started the week with one of my favorite characters, SPLAT!  So any of my kids had never seen or heard of him!  We then made a bubble map to include things about Splat.  The kids then complete this little writing activity and little craftivity by First Grade Blue Skies.  I love the craft as it keeps it simple, but excites the kids!  Did I mention it is a FREEBIE?

We then moved on to talking about what first graders have, are and can do.  We used this adorable tree map from Abby's pack called Fun with Firsties.  My firsties then worked on their own tree map about first graders.  I can't wait to say First Graders are INDEPENDENT!  I forget how far they come during the year.  Baby steps:)


OK, I have worked on my library at the end of last year and the beginning of this year.  On the wooden shelf, I have books sorted by theme and genre.  There are a few holes as you can see because Publix (yes, the grocery store) ran out of these bins!  Why Publix you ask?  Because I didn't feel so bad buying a few a week and my dear hubby didn't need to see a $200.00 cha-ching!  Shhhh:) Bad news is I just bought the last 12 and they are out and need to reorder!


I am in the process of going through all my books to find their Accelerated Reader (AR) level.  That involved typing in each book title into Renaissance Place and then labeling the book.  This is VERY time consuming... UNTIL NOW:)

Can I get an EXTRA loud WOOT! WOOT! I am so excited about this app.  It was the BEST $1.99 I think I might have ever spent!  All I do is scan the bar code on the back of the books and the book's title, picture and AR level comes up.  Some older books are not showing, but this has been such a life saver:)

Look at this little rock star!  Such a fabulous attitude all the time.  This is our first day picture by our Charlie Brown Tree:)  The apples will be changed out to match the month or season.  I wish I could find another tree like it because this one is an oldie but goodie:)

Hope your first week back ROCKED!
Mrs. Wathen
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Best and Most Linky

Welcome to the TpT Back to School Best and Most Linky.  You can check it out with Christina Bainbridge  over at *Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge*

Does it remind you of years past and old yearbooks?  We all have our favorite memories from high school and now that we are all grown up (mostly) we have our favorite TpT products!

My "Teachers's Pet" Product is all about making our lives easier and making connections with students and families!  All people love to feel cherished and thanked.  Educating children is a joint effort with school and home and Thank You Notes {Monthly Notes to Say Thank You and Build Connections} help make that connection!

My Best Couple Award goes out to the Wonders Supplemental Units {Grade One}!  These units include sight word, spelling and vocabulary flashcards, home connection study guides, spelling lists for the word work center,  reading and spelling games, and  vocabulary worksheets for each lesson.

Each unit includes five lessons and now Unit 3 has even joined the group!  Remember, even if you do not use Wonders, that's a total of 15 games between the three units for your word work center!  You can click on the pictures below to take you over to TpT to view these products!


And last but not least as we stroll down memory lane is
Reading and Spelling Patterns Part 3.

This bundle includes the following games: 
Rope It- Long o, Silent e
Aren't We Cute?- Long u, Silent e
Jellyfish Fun- Long e Spelled y and ie
Over the Moon- Vowel Variant /oo/ Spelled oo and ew

 I have listed my entire TpT store for 20% off TODAY through Tuesday!  However if you use TpT's code BTS13 you can get an extra 10% off on Sunday and Monday for a combined 28% off!

So now that you have visited my TpT yearbook, head on over to *Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge* and check out the others:)

Bunting Books and Bainbridge
Mrs. Wathen
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A Sneak Peek

Do you feel your heart beating faster?  Your mind racing?  Sleepless nights?  Fingers sore from cutting laminating?

Welcome to BACK TO SCHOOL:)

I love it!
Call me CRAZY!
But I think most of us do:)

Apple lanterns make me happy.

First time ever with a student teacher!
She starts Thursday and I can't wait.
Rachelle's Ready, Set, Go! Getting Your Student Teacher Off to a Great Start! is fabulous:)

In the midst of getting everything up and going, I finished my
Wonders Supplemental Unit {Grade 1- Unit 3}

 Here's a sneak peek into Unit 3- Lesson 1:)

Late for School is the Reading and Spelling Game included in Unit 3-Lesson 1.  There are 4 other games in the unit.  The games can be used for any first grade class, even if you do not use Wonders! 

I am giving away 2 copies of my Wonders Supplemental Unit {Grade 1-Lesson 3} to the first 2 people who comment and leave their email.

I loved meeting my firsties today at Meet the Teacher and am so exciting to begin our year together starting Monday!
Mrs. Wathen
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Back to School Reflection

The Sunday night feeling has settled in!  Tomorrow is our first day back to school for pre-planning and my mind is already racing.  The to-do list to prepare for my incoming 18 firsties. (yes, I know 18 is a blessing as so many states have huge numbers!), putting aside my summer to-do list for next summer, and focusing myself to be the best that I can be.

It is such a blessing to have the summer to spend with my own children.  We traveled, we swam, we played, we had many ice-cream treats and we just relaxed!  Yes, many times I was on the computer planning, attending workshops and even spent several days at school, but I learned to put all of that aside and spend quality time with my family.  I am lucky!

As I ran through my Facebook News Feed a few days ago, I came across a touching article written by a teacher who is first and foremost a Christian.  Heather attends my church, teaches in the same county that I teach in and writes for her blog called Petals of Joy.
Petals of Joy
I encourage you to head on over and read her latest article, What I Want the Parents of My Students to Know.  Heather beautifully wrote the words that are in my heart.  We all understand the trials and tribulations of teaching.  We have good days and bad days as so our children.

The connection we make with these children may be their only LIGHT.   I pray that God uses me this year to teach and connect as he inspires me.  I want every child to feel connected to their classmates and me. Imagine what they can give when they feel invested and loved!

Mrs. Wathen
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Back to School Blog Hop!

Welcome to  our Florida Bloggers Back to School Blog Hop! 
 I am honored to be hopping with several talented Florida bloggers:)

Thanks for stopping by The Resourceful Apple on the blog hop!  If you are a new visitor welcome and please come visit again! 

I am the 
 photo Slide3_zpsebf9f5d9.png 
This year I am making an added effort to make connections with my students and their families.  The first product is an easy way to make connections with families.  It is amazing how a simple thank you opens up doors and hearts.  You can check out on TpT.   I have it on sale until Wednesday!

This product includes thank you notes for back to school supplies, apple donations, Fall celebrations, Thanksgiving Food, Holiday Celebrations, 100th Day of School donations, Valentines's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Egg Hunt contributions, Spring and End of the Year Activities. Parents will appreciate your effort!

The next product is a Fan Freebie on  my Facebook page.
The Facebook Freebie Hop on Facebook will go live
TODAY at 12:00 noon!

Kindergarten Sight Word Review can be used at the end of kindergarten or at the beginning of first grade as a way to review words taught in kindergarten.  In a perfect world, children would retain all that was taught the year before, but in reality review is a must!
Thanks for stopping by the Resourceful Apple!
Your next stop is over at Teaching with Touch of Twang
 with the adorable and very sweet Sabra!

Teaching with a Touch of Twang

If you would like to start at the beginning of the hop, head on over to Mrs. Russell's Room!

Mrs. Wathen
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Wishlist Sale {Day 5}

I love that although I am working on school things today, I do not have the anticipation that Sundays have during the school year.  YES, I am a last minute planner, creator and laminator! But today is a rainy day so there is no guilt hanging out reading a book and blogging!

Today is also the last day of our Back to School Wishlist Sale-Day 5!  The next product is a fun one and although winter seems like a long way off, so did back to school in June and here we are!  You can take advantage of the extra 20% off and tuck away this Long Vowel O Snowman Game for later!

I am also taking time today to go through my wishlist to see what I want and maybe even add a few things for back to school.  Here are two items that just added that will make my life easier!

The first is a brand new product called For Your InFORMation by Kellie at the Teacher Idea Factory.  The best part is it is an editable file and has everything you need for back to school. I was making my back to school to-do yesterday and realized how much time this will save me!

My next make it easy for me product is Hey You! What's New? {Parent Reminders} by Katie from Teacher to the Core! From box tops to picture day, there are parent reminders about everything!  I can't tell you how many last minute reminders I print as they are needing to walk out the door during planning !
So yes, we all need to make our lives a little easier so we can work smarted, not harder!
Before you head off for the day, check out these other talented bloggers who are also hosting the Back to School Wishlist Sale!

PS- Did you see Sticky Notes and Glitter in the TpT newsletter today?  Way to go!

Mrs. Wathen
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